(Most Popular) "Future Business Stars" Green Belt eBook

Green Belt version of "Future Business Stars" is an Advanced Business Skills for Employees and Job Seekers" course and all job aids. Advanced Business Acumen eBook. Learn how improve all you business interactions to succeed in business. Learn how to do professional presentation, run meetings, interview like a pro, learn internal selling skills and proven business skills any corporate job. Use these skills in ANY corporate job and excel! Comprehensive Fortune 500 style professional business course. Great on any resume! Learn how to turn the tables in your favor in most interviews and all business interactions. Great on resumes. Investment: $24.95 Learn how to sell to the interview's agenda and the companies corporate goals. Learn how to get get a job in any economy then get your dream job. We will show how. Learn how to sell to corporate accounts and get a job in sales. Learn how to conduct a professional corporate meeting. Learn how to dress for success in business. Learn business etiquette. Fortune 500 quality course. Teaches you lifelong marketable skills giving you the quiet confidence because you know you can make your own luck for the rest of your life.
(Most Popular) "Future Business Stars" Green Belt eBook
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Investment $24.95