(Best Value) "Future Stars" BrownBelt eBook Version

"Future Business Stars" is an Advanced Business Skills For Employees and Job Seekers" Full Brown Belt bundle is the full Green Belt (eBook Course and Job Aids) and Brown Belt (Exam and signed Certificate upon completion) in one cost saving bundle. Game Changing Interviewing/Business Acumen/Beginning Business Skills Course eBook. Learn how to interview like a pro with new game changing skills, learn professional basic selling skills and get ANY corporate job including Sales. Great on any resume! Imagine showing your friends, family and co-workers your Professional Business Skills and Corporate Business Course Certificate of Completion". It's a true marketable business skill set that most CEOs, Millionaires and successful Entrepreneurs also have. It's a big deal. $105.00 Perfect for motivated or frustrated young High School and College Grads wanting to start a career. It is also perfect for older workers wanting to change to a new career.
(Best Value) "Future Stars" BrownBelt eBook Version
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Investment $105.00